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Propostion affiliate program

We work - you make money. We pay a percentage of all payments of the clients you refer to us

Who is this program for

If you have requests from your clients for SEO promotion or PPC advertising, but you do not provide these services, then we suggest you earn extra money by referring a client to us through an affiliate program.

  • SEO bloggers

    If you have a mailing list and there are people who read you regularly, and they sometimes turn to you for advice, and you do not have time to work with them, then you can send us these requests for the promotion and websites advertising and receive stable payments for this.

  • Web studios, copywriting agencies, PR agencies

    If you create websites or professionally write texts for websites, but do not provide advertising and website promotion services, send us applications from your clients and get an additional monthly profit.

  • Freelancers, private Internet marketers, business analysts, other parties interested in additional income

    If you are a freelancer, or an internet marketer, or you have friends who want to have SEO promotion and launch PPC advertising - send us applications and build your passive income with our affiliate program.

Partner registration

How our affiliate
program works

We get to know you and agree on a partnership
You send us requests for SEO promotion or PPC advertising services that you receive from your clients
We discuss with you in detail the client's goals for the services he is interested in
We contact your client, conduct an interview to find out all the necessary details to prepare the best commercial offer
If we agree on all the conditions, we sign an agreement and inform you about it
After the payment is received by us, we pay you an affiliate fee

Terms of cooperation

50% of the first customer payment

We pay one-time from the client's first payment at the end of the first month of cooperation


10% monthly from each customer payment

We pay monthly 10% of each customer's payment + of all additional services ordered from us throughout the entire period of cooperation.

Partner feedback

Feedback from our partners about the affiliate program, mutually beneficial work on projects and our approach to work.

Affiliate program rules

  • You must pass an interview with us before setting up the affiliate program
  • It is forbidden to send any kind of spam with the goal of attracting leads
  • It is forbidden to provide a link to the affiliate program on forums, message boards and other information resources
  • Provide only high-quality leads from really interested customers
  • Communication on the project and payment for services works only between us and the client
Do you want to become our partner?

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What the next steps are:
  • We will contact you within a few hours
  • We will discuss in detail the current situation on your site
  • We will prepare a detailed site development plan
  • Together we will approve the strategy, sign the contract and get down to work
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