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Website promotion

Professional website promotion using SEO, PPC.
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Digital strategy

We are your digital partners who develop individual strategies, achieve goals within budget and grow together with your business.

  • Specialists who work to achieve the result
  • As transparent as possible in work and communication
  • We have been developing in our business since 2012

We make website promotion profitable for you:

  • Only effective strategies
  • We track every click
  • Personal approach that you will appreciate

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Our services

We provide only those services that are guaranteed to bring the promotion of your business on the Internet to a profitable level of return. Comprehensive SEO and PPC solutions will help you receive only targeted traffic and successfully convert it into sales.

Digital strategy

Detailed market analysis and preparation of a work plan for achieving the set business goals

Digital strategy
SEO promotion

Effective website promotion in organic search engine results. Stable flow of new customers to the site from Google and other search engines

SEO promotion
Ecommerce SEO Services

Development and implementation of working SEO strategies for stores. You will receive fast payback of the advertising budget 

Ecommerce SEO Services
SEO For Brand New Websites

A detailed strategy for successful website promotion from scratch. We take into account all the factors that are important to achieve top positions 

SEO For Brand New Websites
SEO Audit Services

Detailed technical analysis of the site with the preparation of a detailed and understandable technical specifications for fixing errors for programmers 

SEO Audit Services
PPC Advertising Services

Setting up, launching and optimizing advertising campaigns in search engines. Detailed advertising analytics 

PPC Advertising Services
Google Shopping Management

Setting up and running Shopping ads on the Google search engine. ROI analytics for each product 

Google Shopping Management
Do you want your site to start generating leads?

Order SEO promotion!

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Experience and skills

Proposition is a full cycle company for effective website promotion.

Each of our actions is aimed at the client's result that will allow him to develop and capture new markets.

Our processes are focused on getting involved in your business. We build our work based on the client's business goals and create strategies to achieve them.

Since 2012, we have been developing in our business and over the years have accumulated experience in many niches and in different geographic markets.

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Clients about us

Some of our clients have agreed to share their opinions about working with us on camera. We are grateful to them for their sincerity!

Our clients
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SEO Specialist
What the next steps are:
  • We will contact you within a few hours
  • We will discuss in detail the current situation on your site
  • We will prepare a detailed site development plan
  • Together we will approve the strategy, sign the contract and get down to work
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Website promotion

Website promotion – is a set of measures to increase website traffic. Strategies for promoting sites in search engines allow a business to receive more traffic. However, the goal of SEO site promotion is to bring not just a visitor, but a potential client interested in buying a product or service. With our approach to promotion, the client becomes a niche leader. The priority with this approach is the effective promotion of the site.

Complex website promotion includes

Our comprehensive solutions in promotion include the following activities to improve the visibility of the site:

  • search engine SEO promotion - solutions from Proposition are tested in practice and the use of white methods of search engine promotion of the website allows you to reach top positions and increase organic traffic;
  • PPC advertising - these are effective, fine-tuned keywords and targeting for a stable flow of customers;
  • content marketing - modern strategies for creating content that will sell your service or product;
  • SMM - work with social signals;
  • conversion optimization - we work with various factors on the website pages to improve user interaction and to maximize the profit of the client's business.

Each of these areas gives a result, and their complex application will cover the entire market and get maximum traffic.

SEO website promotion in search engines

SEO website promotion is one of the most effective methods of advertising on the Internet. Promotion in search engines gives the best ROI (return on investment). The TOP position of the website in organic search results will allow you to get the high-quality traffic with the best conversion, and in some niches even the only possible one.

To bring the website to the top 10, we carry out a full set of site optimization works that will give the best result:

  1. internal website optimization: SEO audit, compiling a semantic core, etc.
  2. building a link strategy: analyzing competition, getting the highest quality backlinks, removing search engine filters, etc.
  3. creation of high-quality relevant content
  4. working with internal signals and behavioral factors

We also implement the results obtained in practice in SEO solutions for businesses:

  • promoting online stores;
  • promoting regional sites;
  • promoting niches, etc.

Stages of SEO promotion

Regardless of the type of the website, the first and the most important stage of promotion is an interview with a client. It is important that all participants in the process have the same goals - only then will the promotion be effective!

We distinguish the following stages of promotion:

New site promotion

Introductory work:

  • Interview with the client to understand the goals and business processes;
  • Analysis of competitors and target audience;
  • Creating a promotion strategy - defining channels, types of goals, a work plan for 3-6 months;
  • If the site is still under development - creating a semantic core and technical specifications for the site structure and texts;
  • Analysis of the site for technical errors, structure, usability.

Internal website optimization:

  • Technical specifications for texts for promoted pages (if necessary);
  • Adjustment of the site structure (if necessary);
  • Internal website optimization: writing texts and optimizing them, working with meta tags, linking, design, correcting technical errors;
  • Improving usability;
  • Setting up analytics and conversion tracking.

External website optimization:

Link strategy development and getting links to the site.

Monthly work (support and improvement of the result):
  • Creation of new content;
  • An increase in the number of new links to the site;
  • Analysis of user behavior and improving conversion;
  • Analysis of search engine signals and site adaptation to new requirements;
  • Expansion of the semantic core;
  • Analysis of results and reporting.

Promotion of older websites

When promoting a website which is six months old or more, in addition to the above menioned works, we do the following:

  • Analysis of the site's link profile;
  • Analysis of the current visibility of the site in the search;
  • Checking the site for search filters;
  • Checking the semantic core and its extension. If necessary, creating a semantic core from scratch.

The cost of website promotion

We offer several promotion packages:

  • Basic SEO promotion - from $399. Perfect for small and local sites;
  • Comprehensive SEO promotion - from $699. For large online stores and services;
  • Premium complex website promotion - the price is calculated individually.

The cost of website promotion depends on these factors:

  1. Goals to be achieved (for example - the number of visitors, increase in conversions, sale of certain types of goods);
  2. Website type - business card website, online store or a large portal?
  3. Competition. With less competition, less effort will be required, and, accordingly, less resources spent - the amount of content, links, internal work;
  4. Region of promotion. Are we promoting the site only in the city or the whole country? Or in several countries?

All these details affect the final cost of the promotion.

How long will the promotion take

  • The optimistic forecast. We are talking about a small website (business card, corporate, service site, etc.). If the site has the correct structure initially and there are practically no errors, if the competition is low, then we will see the first results in 3-4 months of work;
  • The usual forecast. If we are talking about an average site (corporate or small online store), then with a small number of technical errors and average competition, in 4-6 months we will get a noticeable increase in visitors from search engines;
  • The complicated forecast. Factors:
    • We are talking about a very large site - a store or portal (thousand pages and more);
    • If the site has many technical problems (outdated CMS, heavily clogged code, spamming of the link profile, or even the search filter ...);
    • A site is from a very competitive niche.

In such cases, it takes more time to eliminate negative factors and to build up a positive “profile”. Results may appear no earlier than in 1 year.

PPC advertising is an important channel for attracting target audience

Why do we recommend launching PPC advertising before starting SEO work?

  1. Fast profits. Business will receive a stream of new leads immediately after launch;
  2. Recognition. If the site is new, advertising will immediately start working on brand (company) recognition;
  3. “Foundation for SEO”. By the time SEO is launched, the site will already receive the first behavioral metrics and will be easier to promote.

Stages, setup time and cost of PPC advertising

The first stage is the initial setup:

The term for setting up contextual advertising from scratch is up to 10 days. During this time we will do:

  • collection of key queries;
  • setting up the structure of campaigns and ad groups;
  • creating attractive ads;
  • setting budget, bids, display regions and other indicators;
  • setting up analytics.

The cost of setting up PPC advertising is from UAH 8500.

The second step is monthly adjustments:

  • analysis of results;
  • adjustment of strategy, budgets, rates;
  • working with keywords (adding negative keywords and new queries);
  • optimization of ads.

The cost of monthly PPC advertising is from UAH 6000 per month.

An important indicator of the effectiveness of PPC advertising is getting targeted leads and optimization of advertising costs.

When companies in Ukraine need the right solution at the beginning of their promotion, we provide the best range of promotion services. Cooperating with Proposition is the most effective and reliable solution. Our experience and expertise allows us to work with various types of business:

  • promotion of medical sites;
  • promotion of construction companies;
  • online clothing stores.

We know firsthand the feeling when SEO starts to bring significant growth in traffic, new leads and sales. We are motivated by the satisfaction of our customers. We are ready to work with you to maximize our potential.

The advantages of working with us:

  • we have valuable experience in promoting websites of various complexity and in different spheres;
  • we quickly respond to all market changes, always securing leading positions for the client;
  • we apply better marketing solutions in all aspects of business growth on the Internet.

Our results tell about us better than words.

Proposition SEO agency is the best solution for promoting websites for small and medium-sized businesses.

Frequently asked questions

What are our main services?

We work professionally with SEO promotion of corporate websites and online stores. We set up and support search advertising, as well as Google Shopping.

How is the website promotion process built?

Our processes are structured as transparently as possible for clients. We work only under an agreement where we write down the necessary list of tasks for SEO or PPC advertising.

How to contact us?

You can contact us by calling 068 477 4770, or go to our website and leave a request in any of the contact forms. We will contact you within a few minutes to discuss your goals.

What is included in the cost of SEO promotion?

The cost of website promotion includes work on internal optimization and technical analysis of the site, work on the link analysis of competitors and building up your own link profile. It also includes communication with programmers during site improvements.

What is included in the price of PPC advertising?

If you have a small corporate website, then as part of the PPC advertising service, we will set up advertising campaigns for you, create ads, work on negative words, and, if necessary, launch remarketing. For online stores, we will set up Google Shoping advertising, which will increase your sales by 100%.

Who is on the project team?

Very often, the promotion process, in addition to the work of SEO specialists, requires the skills of programmers, designers, copywriters. Our team has such ""supermen"". If you have these specialists on your staff - awesome! We make technical specifications and send to them.

What does reporting include?

We are always in touch with you and will answer any questions about the process and current tasks. Every month, we prepare a report on the work performed for you, which includes the work done and the plan for the next month, data on positions in the search, traffic indicators in terms of channels, data on conversions, a report on PPC advertising and other indicators by mutual agreement.

How will I know that there are results?

First, we will see an increase in positions for key queries. Then, more visitors will come from search engines. In the future, you will begin to receive more conversions (orders, calls, etc.). At the same time, we will work to improve and consolidate the result.

Discuss the project
What the next steps are:
  • We will contact you within a few hours
  • We will discuss in detail the current situation on your site
  • We will prepare a detailed site development plan
  • Together we will approve the strategy, sign the contract and get down to work
Tell us about your project
What are you interested in?
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